Need a workout system with  A PROVEN TRACK RECORD?
 With a 100% win rate & Is GUARANTEED To Work? That is NOT A GYM? Koyabell Fitness was voted New West's favorite fitness for a reason. We DELIVERDiscover How New Westies have become healthier.  How they have become stronger, faster, & more agile.

Thank You New Westminster for Voting Koyabell Fitness your FAVORITE FITNESS 2019 💖

Self Isolating?
Good. WE ALL NEED to be.
Being ALONE?
Bad. You do NOT need to be.

Joining Koyabell isn't just joining some fitness program.
You are joining our Koyabell Family.
All of our students have their own Koyabell Success story.
A story about courage.
A story about winning.
You will as well.

So who the heck will be your COACH?

Who invented the Koyabell program, writes our awesome Koyabell routines, creates his own not avail anywhere else Koyabell Movements & Exercises, then teaches you these proprietary moves?

Mr India Rish Koya.

What is Mr India Rish Koya known for?
Caring for and loving his city & delivering on what he says in a big way.

Seriously, take a look at his track record.

Transformation Specialist, Optimal Health Coach, Bio Hacker & Fitness Nerd, Pro Wrestling Champion, Local New West Do Gooder, AND Winner of 12 "2019 New West A List Awards" as voted upon by New Westies...

So how will Mr India Coach Rish deliver and track your workouts?
How will hecommunicate with you every day?
How will you talk with your Koyabell teammates every day?
How will you be held accountable?

You will have access to our AWESOME Koyabell App.
Doesn't get much easier than that does it?

YOUR TIME COMMITMENT... 45 mins, 5x a week
YOUR PRICE COMMITMENT... $50 monthly & higher based on your levels of coaching & support.

Want to discover Mr India Coach Rish's
philosophy on fitness & optimal health?

Watch our "Secrets to Koyabell Success Video" on the next page .
Then schedule a call with us to ensure we are a good fit.
You will see the calendar below the video on the same page.

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""Secrets to Koyabell Success Video""

Anna & Mr. India Coach Rish 👇

 Anna's Results In 9 Weeks 

  • Time It Took: 9 Weeks
  • ​Inches Lost: 23 INCH
  • Pounds Down: 28 LBS
  • ​Muscle Gained: 9 LBS
Three years ago once I started noticing my metabolism slow down I finally made a decision to invest in myself and start to get healthier. I started working out at Koyabell and I love how the workouts are challenging and full of variety therefore I don’t get bored of the same routine week after week. They incorporate flexibility, endurance, strength and they also set up workshops to promote a healthy eating regime. If you stay consistent and follow the program you will get amazing results!
New Westminster, BC

 Susan & Mr. India Coach Rish

 Susan's Results In 9 Weeks 

  • Time It Took: 9 Weeks
  • Inches Lost: 28 INCH
  • Pounds Down: 23 LBS
  • ​Muscle Gained: 8 LBS
Went from having low energy to being energetic all the time. I am now in the garden and doing the things I love. Coach Rish always said age is just a number. He would ask my husband Chuck and how "young we are" and he say "Perfect, lets keep it going to get younger & younger. My husband is 74 and I'm a great grandmother. A lean, strong, and very healthy great grandmother. Forget everything you think you know. There is a whole different way that is completely opposite and it actually works. It's called KOYABELL! 
New Westminster, BC

Caremello, Mr India Coach Rish & Daniela 👇

 Daniela's Results In 7 Months 

  • Time It Took: 7 Months
  • Inches Lost: 22 INCH
  • Pounds Down: 19.4 LBS
  • ​Muscle Gained: 8 LBS
I’m so happy with my experience at Koyabell. I needed to get back in shape after the birth of my son. In 7 months, I lost 19.4 lbs and 22 inches of FAT! I’ve gained lean muscle and I feel stronger and more energetic. All you have to do is SHOW UP! The coaches and other classmates are all friendly and really supportive. It’s a wonderful environment to help you improve your body and mind! Thank you Koyabell!!
New Westminster, BC

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Head Coach Mr India Rish Koya
Transformation Specialist with 25 years experience 

Client Relations/Coach Koyabell Princess Chelsy Lumb
Transformation Specialist with 9 years experience 

 Mary & Mr. India Coach Rish👇

 Mary's Results In 7 Months 

  • Time It Took: 7 Months
  • Inches Lost: 22 INCH
  • Pounds Lost: 19.4 LBS
  • Muscle Gained: 15 LBS
I have known Rish Koya for a year through being a member of Koyabell. Coach Rish is an excellent coach and role model; always encouraging students to do their best, while ensuring they are safe and feel good about their progress. He is very knowledgeable, and lives what he preaches through training with his coaches and through his wrestling. 

Coach Rish has helped me to become a stronger and more confident person through his program. He has written a new fitness routine for each day; I believe I have never repeated the same routine twice. His dedication to the health and well being of his students is clear; he knows the name of every student and our strengths and areas for improvement. He has created a community feeling at Koyabell through the warm way he greets each one of us and follows up with conversations we have had in previous weeks.

Coach Rish is a great example of how one person can create community. He has brought together a team of excellent coaches who share his vision, and has created community here in New West. I have also seen him in his wrestling role, out in the community doing events that draw people together. He advocates for supporting our local businesses and being active in the community.
New Westminster, BC

This is Steve 👇

 Down 130 LBS In 10 Months  

  • Time It Took: 10 Months
  • Inches Lost: 77 INCH
  • Pounds Down: 130 LBS
  • Muscle Gained: 25 LBS
I was looking for a way to change my habits, and my life. I was hypertensive, type 2 diabetic and drastically overweight. I found Koyabell online and went in for the assessment and liked what I saw. It's a fun group of people, great coaches and very knowledgeable. They put me on a meal plan and I've been doing 3 classes a week.
In 6 months, I have lost 110 pounds, dropped over 12 inches from my waist and don't need 90% of the medication I was taking before, the hypertension is gone, and my diabetes is almost gone as well. I can't recommend Koyabell highly enough.
New Westminster, BC

Transformation coach and professional wrestler?? When our Head Coach is not teaching Koyabell he dons shiny man tights, paints sparkly bling on his face & transforms into Mister India. He proudly holds the title of Champion of New Westminster.. His goal is simple. To bring smiles to our faces & have New West be The Fittest City in all of Canada. 👇

Mr. India Coach Rish Kicking Butt Along With His Partner Our Awesome Mayor of New West Johnny X.

Chantelle & Mr. India Coach Rish👇

 Chantelle's Results In 3 Months 

  • Time It Took: 3 Months
  • Inches Lost: 20.5 INCH
  • Pounds Down: 12 LBS
  • Muscle Gained: 9 LBS
I love taking fitness classes at Koyabell. I regret I didn’t join this studio earlier!   
Coaches are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. They truly care about their students’ achievements and are always there a 100% of the time to support and motivate you.
In just two months I am already seeing drastic results in my energy levels and strength. All my life I was never be able to do a single push up but now I can do five push-ups in one set and I believe more is coming for me!
New Westminster, BC

Don't just take it from us...
Here is what our awesome Koyabell Fitness students have to say! 👇

Kim & Mr. India Coach Rish 👇

 Kim's Results In 9 Weeks 

  • Time It Took: 6 Weeks
  • Inch Lost: 11.5 INCH
  • Pounds Down: 5.2 LBS
  • ​Muscle Gained: 15 LBS
I am and always will be a yogi. Now I am KOYABELL yogi. After having injuries from circus school I decided to try Koyabell. So happy I did. I got into better shape and def increased my strength & endurance. However the best part...My pains started going away. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for real results, strength and flexibility!
New Westminster, BC

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