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New Year’s Resolution BOOSTER! | Koyabell Fitness

New Year’s Resolution BOOSTER!

By January 23, 2017Blog, Fitness, Health

Hi everyone!

I hope 2017 is off to a good start!

For many people, commitment to health and fitness is a recurring resolution year after year, after year. And for many people, efforts towards their new year’s resolution fizzle out by the end of January or February, year after year, after year. Some of us might make it to summer before abandoning our convictions.

Since there are only 8 days left of January, I think we should give our health and fitness resolutions a sort of booster shot!


Why is Health and Fitness such a common New Year’s Resolution?

Why, because we’ve been programed by popular culture for decades!

… and health and fitness are major factors in leading a long, healthy, happy life! Of course. 😉


Let’s think back to pre-20th century. Excess of food and lack of physical labouring were actually signs of high social status. The resulting softer body was therefore desirable.

Around the turn of the 20th century, technology and industry had developed to the point where the average person had access to an excess of resources, and new less labour intensive vocations. Now is when society’s opinion shifts to viewing a larger, softer body, as a sign of indulgence and weakness. The early 1920’s is when health and fitness New Year’s resolutions start cropping up.

Unfortunately, the World Wars, 1950’s homogenization of the ideal person/family, and the Cold War all kept pushing the concept of ‘soft is bad’ further. The idea that you were dishonouring your country, family, and self for not being in some sort of externally defined ideal condition was pushed upon people to the point where those who did not fit the ideal were disadvantaged in society. This has contributed to modern day discriminatory practices such as sizeism, and an unhealthy obsession with appearances.

Now, improving physical fitness or losing weight are the most common New Year’s Resolutions next to other self-improvement/education or improvement of financial situation.


Practices to Help YOU Succeed

Break your big resolution down into smaller steps!

Instead of focusing of ‘losing weight’ or ‘getting stronger’, figure out the little things that get you there. Try small things to build up consistent habits. Stretch 3 mornings a week; drink 3 liters of water per day; pick 1 weight exercise to work on every class; come swing bell at 20% effort rather than not coming at all; meet a friend for kettle bell once a week; meal prep for 4 out of 7 days in the week. You can think up your own.


Look at the big picture, question your motives!

Why are you taking steps to improve your self? Are you doing this because according to whatever, you ‘should’? Or are you doing this to be someone you respect and love when you look in the mirror?


Measure and write down things!

The scale is a dirty liar, and it won’t tell you much. The tape measure is your friend, and will show you where and how your body is changing. Some people like to check their measurements every 6 weeks, some people like to write down their weights and times. Choose the information that is important to you. Any students who have done the Keto OS or the Lean and Cut nutrition plans know this well.


Get some help, ask for assistance!

This is why I joined Koyabell in the first place a couple years ago. I needed help. More so, I needed education and encouragement. It’s nice to have people to suffer with, and achieve with. It’s nice to have someone point out when you’re getting stronger and could something more advanced. And it’s nice to get assistance when say “I don’t know what to do!”.


How does KOYABELL fit into all of this?

Koyabell is all about improving your quality of life.

We get all sorts of students with differing reasons for improving their health. Some students want to get off medications, prevent diseases, or recover from traumas such as surgeries or car accidents. Some want the ability to keep up with their friends and family (or kids!), to play sports again, or to fit their favourite jeans that are now just a bit too tight to sit down in.

We all have our reasons, but underneath it all we just want to feel comfortable and satisfied.

Koyabell helps you navigate the various external societal pressures, and the internal struggle.

We do this by being supportive, creating a safe and fun space, and teaching our students how to listen to their bodies, and how to tailor the program to their evolving needs and desires.


I’ll see you all in the studio. 🙂


Here’s some links to information that helped me write this post.


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