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Glutes for Posture | Koyabell Fitness

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I was at Koyabell the other day in the midst of a plank party (or resting as we call it 😉 ), Listening to Coach Chelsy telling the class to flex their glutes and that “the tighter you are the lighter you are”. Fwuh! Hnng! Have you tried this? To me it feels more difficult, and my arms shake. This is because I have not been engaging my chest or my glutes properly during planks. Instead, my lower back takes on the weight and tries to push my butt into the air.

By engaging the glutes your pelvis/hips tilt so that your body moves into one straight plane, and your ham strings join the party. This corrects the posture condition known as anterior pelvic tilt. This condition is caused when over stressed lower back muscles become tight and short, making the butt and abdomen stick out in their respective directions, in an effort to shorten the space between glutes and lower back.

Guess what other moves in Koyabell require the same glute engagement? Pretty much all of them. Especially the kettlebell swing, high-swing, squats, and cleans. No clench, no gain people!

The clenching of glutes and tilting back of the pelvis feels more like thrusting forwards, so we call this movement a ‘Hip Thrust’. The Hip Thrust is also built into the stretch we do at the end of every class. The first sequence of movements, from Proud Lion to the end of Flying Lion, are all about the Hip Thrust and the stretching of the hip flexor muscles.

Everything is by design at New You Health Transformations. 😉

This blog was brought to you by your very concerned butt! Heh heh…


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