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Secret to Keeping Boxed Greens FRESH | Koyabell Fitness

An icon should be here...Hello everyone and welcome to March!

This is a busy time of year when the winter slow-mo turns into spring mo-jo.

I’ve been overly busy with social stuff, family, work, school, practicum, and Koyabell three times every week. Sometimes I let the box of spinach get pushed to the back of my fridge while I eat fast and carby. Then slowly but not too slowly, the greens build up moisture and rot. Gross. I hate that smell and the fact that I wasted both food and money. And has anyone else noticed that if you buy the mixed greens with the red lettuce, it rots before any of the green greens? Frustrating!!!

The other day I was visiting my parents, and my Mum showed me how to extend the life of my boxed greens.

First, place a piece or two of paper towel on top of the greens. Then close the lid, turn upside down, and shake so that greens do not stick to the bottom of the container. Store in the fridge, upside down. This way excess moisture is collected and greens don’t sit wet in the fridge. Thanks Mum!

But remember, if your box of greens even has the chance to rot, THEN YOU AREN’T EATING ENOUGH GREENS.

Spinach in a box.

Spinach in a box.










Spinach in a box.

Paper Towel placed on top of Spinach.









Spinach in a box.

Stored upside down.

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