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Headaches When You Exercise | Koyabell Fitness

An icon should be here...Good morning everyone. Happy sleepy Sunday to you all.

Today I would like to talk about headaches and exercise.
Sometimes when I begin to exercise, my head starts to hurt, and in no time I have a full blown headache with a pulse inside my head. But why???

A few things can cause this.

  1. Dehydration before exercise
  2. Dehydration during exercise
  3. Sudden drop in blood sugar
  4. Increase in blood pressure
  5. Exercising without warming up

Sometimes I am still mystified when I get a headache and I’ve barely swung a kettlebell. I swear that I have all this in check, but still the pain comes. It’s not often, but still annoying. For me the headaches will last the rest of the day.

So, to do your best to avoid such pain:

Stay hydrated at and away from Koyabell.
Eat prior to exercising, say 2 hours in advance so you don’t get an upset stomach. If you don’t have the luxury of time then have a protein shake, because it’s fairly light.
Eat healthy all around to keep that blood pressure in check.
And of course, warm-up properly. Make sure to open up the chest area during warm-up so that you can breathe with ease.

That last point reminds me of the ladies. Yes, our sports bras need to be tight and supportive, but they shouldn’t impede breathing.

That’s all for now,
See you at today’s intro workshop, from 12-2pm.

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