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Exercising After Illness | Koyabell Fitness

An icon should be here...Warning: This blog entry is going to be a bit negative.

Hello everyone! I am back! Where have I been?
First I went on vacation during summer. Then, as soon as I returned after Labour Day long-weekend, BAM! – SICK. REALLY SICK. I DON’T REMEMBER THE LAST TIME I WAS THAT SICK.
We’re talking every symptom you can think of, for 2 weeks straight. That’s all I’ll say for that… don’t need to revisit the horror.

So, what’s the scoop on exercising after you have been sick for awhile? Well, let’s look at this logically:
When you are sick, your body’s immune system is working like crazy to restore you to health and balance.
When you exercise you are creating micro tears in your muscles, using up energy, and sweating out precious fluids.
So as we can see, exercising distracts and over taxes your immune system. Instead of focusing on making you all better, the immune system now faces a war on two fronts!

So, if you are insisting on continuing exercise while you are sick, you must take it down about 10 notches. SERIOUSLY. Otherwise you will be out of the game for so much longer! I suggest you keep doing your regular warm-up routine, but switch out your regular training for something like Yoga – an exercise all about deep-controlled breathing and slower movements that engage your muscles. (something New You will be offering in a few months, complementary to the monthly membership). And don’t be afraid to try Koyabell class using an invisible kettlebell. Even with no weight there’s a good workout to be had. Also, stretching is a must. If you are sick and experiencing really bad muscle/body aches like I was, don’t lay in bed for days like I did. Get up, do some rotationals for your joints, and then do a little light stretching. Not super intense stretching though! This is because your muscles will not be warmed up enough and you could seriously hurt them by over stretching. Oh, and I’m sure Coach Rish would add in some epsom salt baths.

And if you are really quite sick, coughing and leaking everywhere, just stay home for everyone’s benefit. 🙂

So, how am I feeling now?  Despite not having anymore symptoms I believe my body is still fighting for its health.
I went back to Koyabell (after about a month off) and I’m having a rough time with it. In fact, I FEEL I HAVE GONE BACKWARDS. When I started Koyabell I could do a 30 second plank, and increased to 1 minute. Now, pfft… I can do maybe 10 seconds. All my kettlebells have gone down to the sizes I started with almost 1 year ago.
How does this make me feel both in and outside of class? I feel disempowered and useless. When I look in the mirror during the workout I am angry and frustrated and totally on the hate-train. Choo-choo, next stop is intense negativity…

It’s created a mental challenge for me. And I feel jealous of everyone else who is having a better time of it.
Sorry everyone, I did warn you this entry would be a bit negative.
The hardest thing is accepting that I have to swing lighter kettlebells. It’s not about the number of kg’s on the bell, it’s that I feel I’ve  been knocked backwards.

I know it will get better, which is why I don’t stop. But seriously, this is depressing. Come one body, get better already! You can do it!

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