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De-Hydrated: How Long Until I’m Re-Hydrated? | Koyabell Fitness

An icon should be here...Another overnight shift has given me some time to reflect and think. Tonight I was thinking about water and hydration, and I asked my self: how long does it take the body to hydrate after not being so good on the water intake? Then I started thinking about other things we do to our bodies, and how long it will take to heal from those.
This blog entry will be about my first question: re-hydrating. The next entry will be about smoking, because I smoked for 10 years. Maybe I’ll think of other things too. Feel free to leave your own ideas in the comments section, or let me know in person at the New You Transformation Center. Always accepting blog ideas! Always!

So, what sort of state of dehydration am I talking about? Well, not desert or avalanche extreme, but let’s say… after a night of drinking boozey booze booze, or, after having 1 liter of water or less in a day for a period of time. The underlying inspiration for this comes from a couple weeks ago, when I came to Koyabell after drinking at the club the night before. I had just woken up and didn’t have a lot of time to re-hydrate. I didn’t feel hung-over or sick, I just felt wrong.

I disagree with some of the conclusions of this study from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research: “The Acute Effects of Fluid Intake on Urine Specific Gravity and Fluid Retention in a Mildly Dehydrated State”. This study asked people aged 25 and approximately 160 lbs. to come to the lab mildly dehydrated. Researchers then gave them 1 of 3 substances to drink and measured their hydration via their urine. The substances drank were either water, electrolyte sports drink, and a mix of the two.
According to the findings of this study, it only takes 600 milliliters and approximately 45 minutes for your body to rehydrate from a mildly dehydrated state. Also, the study found that the intake of electrolytes helped increase the rate of hydration.

Whoa, hold the phone. In case you are wondering, electrolytes are salts and mineral thingers with an ionic charge. Your body uses these to maintain and send voltages across cells, which are the messages to do things like flex this muscle or that. When you exercise you sweat out some electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. Loss of electrolytes contributes to that generalized funky feeling that makes it difficult to function after a heavy workout. We have a term at New You for this brain-deadness: “Bell Brain”. 😛

Well, that study is great and all, but, did these people actually feel re-hydrated? I drank water approximately 45 minutes before post-clubbing Koyabell and I still felt very dehydrated. The whole workout I felt unable to give 100%, and was really guzzling water. I wanted the water so bad it tasted sweet to me! I likely peed most of it out because it takes the body time to absorb water, so guzzling a gallon doesn’t do anything for you but satisfy your immediate dehydration signals.
Also, electrolyte rich sports drinks are full of sugars, both processed and alternative, which are the antithesis to a good and effective workout! No thanks. Not worth it to me. I’d rather take supplements, or better yet, eat properly before and especially after my workout. I wonder if there are electrolyte drinks sweetened with stevia? Or maybe I should eat some salt? Ha ha… mmm salt…
I just know that Coach Rish would shake his head sadly if I went the sports drink route.

I clearly didn’t drink an amount of water to equal the amount of alcohol I drank the night before.
To prevent dehydration in the morning, and to have better morning all around, every morning: DRINK WATER BEFORE BED. LOTS.

That’s all folks!
Ta-ta for now.


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JSCR Study: http://journals.lww.com/nsca-jscr/Abstract/2013/04000/The_Acute_Effects_of_Fluid_Intake_on_Urine.18.aspx

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