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Planks! All I Want for the Holidays is a Strong Core! | Koyabell Fitness

An icon should be here...Back from the holidays! Seeing lots of people in class! GREAT! Every ounce of pleasure and sloth is bought with two ounces of sweat! Get at it!

Starting this year of 2016, New You Health Transformations has opened its doors 6 days a week! Yay! The group classes are still running on the same days and hours. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are when the new HardCORE classes are taking place. Checkout the new schedule!

After taking a break, the number one thing I have trouble getting back into is planks! Every time.

Why do I go through the sweaty and shaky struggle of getting back into planks?

By working the core and all those stabilizing muscles, your posture and balance improves as back pain is reduced. Strong core = lower chances of back injury.
Your belly (or lack thereof) gets toned, and the muscles on the back of your body get some attention and toning! Places like your shoulders, shoulder blades, hamstrings, and arches of the feet all get attention.
Since the plank engages so much of your body, it’s a great way to kick-up your metabolism for the day.
Planks also exercise your mind. Staying up and in is difficult. Pushing yourself an extra 10-20 seconds is more difficult. When we start using the power within our bodies, the body naturally screams “no no no!”, because its biggest job is to keep us safe and resourced. Sometimes listening to your body means correctly interpreting the message it is sending, and then deciding if this is a warning message, or just a “hey why you making me work at all” type of message.

What’s the most difficult exercise move for you to get back into after the holidays? Leave a comment below or leave one on our Facebook page!

Check out this Koyafit Mom and son duo! Planks ain’t no thang.

Here’s a picture:









Click HERE for the video of this super mom and her super kid!

Personal fitness update:

This winter, I was consistent with Koyabell all the way until mid December! Then you know, final projects and holiday shenanigans began. Then I was sick with a lung thing for a couple weeks. Boooo! 🙁 Knocked me back to swinging a 20kg. As soon as they invent robot lungs I’m getting them. Then I’ll be unstoppable!
I’m back at it now, and the oddest places are sore. So strange the body is. Glad the holiday season is over! Done with it. 😀 See you all at New You Health Transformations for more Koyabell!

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