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Listening to Your Body doesn’t Mean Stop | Koyabell Fitness

An icon should be here...Why is this blog post a few hours late? Because the laundry mat 4 feet from my apartment building was on fire and burnt down.

All the smoke has aggravated my asthma. Argh! At least my apartment didn’t burn down! YAY!!!

A coach from New You Health Transformations phoned me this morning to see if I was OK. Thank you! That was sweet of you. Since we were both awake we decided to go for coffee.
I told them about my lung issues and how the smoke was bothering me. I said I wasn’t going to come to class. They said I should come and just do the modified workout. I was skeptical, but I went anyways. I’m glad I did. I still got sweaty and also got a good stretch in.

Listen to you body, slow down and use a lighter weight, but don’t listen to your lazy brain making excuses to not participate. Thanks for that little push coach! 🙂 Better to keep participating at reduced difficulty than to stop for a while. It’s a pain, literally, getting back into the swing of things. Oooo that was a pun filled sentence.

That’s it for this entry. I’ve got some cleaning to do in order to get rid of some of the smoke smell. Yuck.

Ta-ta for now!

Oh, and I had a jumbo freezee and a bunch of blueberries last night cause I was stressed about my apartment possibly burning down. Other than that, the Lean & Cut Nutrition Plan is going very well. 😀

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