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Push-Ups & Hands | Koyabell Fitness

An icon should be here... Hello, happy Wednesday!

I don’t have a big update for you. The nutrition plan is going well, as is kettlebell stuff.
I haven’t been called in to work yet this week, so I’m managing the meals and the morning workouts quite well. Didn’t do Tuesday’s morning workout because I went hiking that day. Don’t want to over do it. 😉

I noticed something while doing push-ups at home. Exercising outside of Koyabell, at home, gives me the chance to try out some moves in slow motion. Everyone may want to try this out at home!
By doing push-ups in slow motion, I can feel each muscle as it engages. I can also feel changes in the level of effort required, depending on some adjustments. Adjustments I tried were how/the degree to which I engaged my core, back, and arms. Push-ups are not just an arms and chest movement. They became easier when I started using my back and my core to push my self up.
The positioning of your arms changes things too. Experiment with how far apart they are, and other such dimensions.
I also noticed that push-ups will sometimes make the heels of my hands sore. I tried spreading my fingers out and pushing up instead. It does help. 🙂 It also makes me more stable.

So yes, that is all really. Things are going well. Less time at work means more time for me. And yes, actually doing the right things with that time. Although I do get my fair share of movie and book time in.

Ta-ta for now!

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