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Favourite Protein | Koyabell Fitness

An icon should be here...Protein, protein, mmm-mmm-mmm… I love protein.
Protein is my favourite part(s) of the day. I find it wakes me up a little and is the only thing to truly quell snacking cravings. Sorry veggies, you don’t quite satisfy me.

The more active I am, the more I want meat. I would not make a very good vegetarian…

My favourite sources of protein are:
– BEEF. It’s the best… mmm…
– Buffalo. Probably one of the best meats for you.
– Moose. One in blue moon I have access to it in sausage form.
– Protein powder. I keep 3-4 flavours around.
– Cottage cheese and other cheeses… mmm….
– Eggs!
– Beans.

I would say those are listed in order of preference: Meats, Cheeses, and Legumes.

Coach Rish says a person should eat 1g of protein for each pound of desired body weight. Muscle weighs a lot, so eat up!

Lean, Cut, & Straight-Up Jacked! Nutrition Plan Update:

Beginning of week 2! Stoked. I’ll have to keep a pre-packed set of meals in the fridge in case work calls me in. I’m on call 4 days this week.
Feeling pretty good. Not feeling sick or gross anymore. Also, not bloated. Best thing ever. It only take 4-5 days on this nutrition plan to stop bloating.
I had better go though, I’m messing up my sleep schedule. Bad Eivi, bad! You have to swing bell in the morning!

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