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Making Water ‘Fun’, & Nutrition Plan Selfies | Koyabell Fitness

An icon should be here...We’ve all heard it before: “Drink 3-4 liters of water everyday!”
We’ve all said it before: “I know, I know”
Do we all actually do it? Even though we ‘know’? Nope, we sure don’t. Not every day at least.

For some people, getting enough water every day is a real pain in the butt. Usually, the reason is work/pace of life related. We get so caught up in the day that we don’t drink liquids until our body is practically yelling that it is dehydrated. Some people just don’t ‘like’ water. It’s true. I know a couple of these people, and all I can do is shake my head as they suck back juice, coffee, tea, or sugary ‘vitamin’ water, and claim that they are getting their water intake for the day.
No! Nothing beats plain old water. It lubes up your joints, cleans out your system, and makes up that liquid watery highway on which our thoughts and other electrical signals travel. How can you think clearly when your thoughts are traveling through insufficient ‘muddy’ waters?

Some times I crave water and it tastes sweet to me. Other times, I’m so sick of drinking it and don’t want to.
Here’s some ways to make water more… ‘fun’.

1. Alkalize! If you don’t have an alkalizing machine at home, you can get sticks for your water bottle that will help increase the pH of your water. Some find alkalized water tastes better, or feels silky, or leaves the mouth feeling more hydrated and silky.
Coach Rish Koya is a big fan of alkalizing.
Personally, I like the alkalized water compared to my regular filtered water. Some people claim it has major health benefits. I personally know a man who said goodbye to 2 types of cancer (one in the colon), high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, and he gives the credit to alkalized water.
Do I believe all the hype and pseudo science around alkalized water? No. Do I believe it is good, healthy, and helps people? Yes.
Give it a try. I doubt one would see maximum health benefits from the stick you buy in the drug store, when compared to the quality of water an alkalizing machine produces, but it does make the water nicer. I’ll probably do a separate blog post for alkalizing alone.

2. Try adding some lemon. I Googled lemon water because almost any person looking to lose weight has told me about the health benefits of it. What I didn’t know, is that adding the acidic lemon juice to the water helps make it alkaline.
Why? Seems counter intuitive yes? Lemons are ‘acidic’. It all has to do with lemons being ‘anionic’.
What does that mean? Fresh lemon juice is anionic, not ‘acidic’ as is the popular misconception. After time and exposure to air, the lemon juice becomes cationic (acidic). The major difference between the two is the behaviour of the electrons buzzing around the ion. Long story short: the ‘acidic’ (anionic) lemon water becomes ‘alkaline’ as your body reacts with the lemons’ anions during the digestive process. Use fresh lemons that haven’t been exposed to air for more than 30 minutes, not lemon juice from a bottle or lemons that have been cut up and left to sit.

3. Add some lime to that water. Yay yummy! Or, add fruit to the water. Personally I am not a fan of this. Limes, ok, cucumber, maybe, a bunch of fruits, no way! It goes against my values and ethics. Yes the water will taste super yummy, but you are wasting all that fruit if you do not eat it at the end, which most people don’t because it loses flavour. I can not participate in such food waste. Instead, I recommend adding fruit that is about to go off. Some times we buy too much fruit, or some does get eaten for what ever reason. Use it up! Waste not, want not.


And here’s a little Lean & Cut Nutrition Plan update from me:

Day 4 starts in the morning. 🙂
So far so good. Sticking to the plan word for word, measurement for measurement, except for a few grams of beef jerky here and there. A tiny bit more protein won’t hurt, it’s probably wanted. Also haven’t been eating the 6th meal, 5 is enough right now.
Haven’t felt that great since Monday, some 24hr bug going around apparently. This has actually made the first few days of the plan easier to get into, because feeling nauseated means I don’t want sugar, let alone anything. Good thing week 1 of Lean & Cut is light and simple.

Had Coach Chelsy take some week 1 selfies for me. I originally had clean hair down, and some mascara, but then Koyabell happened. Oops! I look kind of dazed, ha-ha! Guess I have to recreate the same conditions for the final pictures too. You an see my gardening tan on my back in the one picture.


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