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Air Quality Warning for Metro Vancouver | Koyabell Fitness

An icon should be here...When I ended my overnight shift last night at 06:40 AM, I was greeted by an ominous brown cloud hanging over downtown Vancouver. It seemed to glow amber in contrast to the city’s many blue and green glass windows on the skyscrapers. The smell of wood and fire hung in the air like some strange yet enjoyable perfume.

On the Skytrain ride home my morning Facebook peruse showed postings about an air quality warning issued for Metro Vancouver. Yikes! B.C. is literally on fire! 🙁
What does this mean for exercising? It means avoid exercising out doors, until the air quality improves. This includes those of us who like to beat the heat by exercising at night. Don’t let the night sky and cooler temperatures lull you into a false sense of security. That air is still filled with fire smoke.
I have very mild asthma and have noticed my lungs have been ever so slightly wheezy – something that doesn’t happen during Koyabell class. This smoke is serious business!
Here’s a link to B.C.’s air quality website.

All the more reason to make your way to the New Westminster transformation center, to exercise indoors with glorious air conditioning, right? 😉 At least the air will be cool?

That aside, I would like to give everyone a more personal update about my personal fitness journey with New You Health Transformations.

I have decided to do a round of the Lean & Cut Nutrition Plan on my own, without having a group cohort to be accountable to. It’s just you, internet folks, that I will be updating on my solo experience. I’ll stay accountable with blog posts, twice a week, and some picture posting as well.
I have decided to do this solo for a few reasons:
1. I don’t think New You is going to start another round of the nutrition plan/program until they have revamped it based on feedback from the previous 2 cohorts.
2. Just cause a group isn’t running, doesn’t mean I can’t still do this.
3. Now that I’ve had completed and uncompleted rounds of the nutrition plan, I have a good knowledge of the plan, theory, and nuances, and will not need to rely on a group to ask questions of.
4. The most important and valuable thing the nutrition plan gave me was knowledge. So, why not use it?

I will complete the 8 weeks about a week before fall semester starts for the 4th year of my bachelor degree. This is great timing! Right now I’m far away from that evil “student success center” that is constantly filled with empty carbs just screaming my name. Ha-ha…

My blog posts during the weeks to come will be structured as two parts. One section will be about a fun or relevant topic (like this post’s blurb on air quality). The other part will be a short report on how I am doing on the plan, and in Koyabell class, personally. How I feel, how I struggle, how I triumph, etc…

I am stoked on this solo experience!
If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments. Odds are if you have a question, there are 10 other people with the same question who are too shy to ask.
Also, feel free to ‘shout’ encouraging slogans at me in the comments section!

Ta-ta for now!

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