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Well, Hello El Niño! | Koyabell Fitness

An icon should be here...Well, hello El Niño! Some like it hot, yes?

This weekend is supposed to be particularly hot! Hot weather can make activities such as cooking or exercising incredibly arduous.  We all have our own ways of dealing with the heat.

I’m so happy New You Transformations studio has air conditioning. So happy! Really, temperature control is a must when there are 3-10 bodies swinging up a sweat. Can always workout, summer or no summer.

At home I’ve been using my purple 20 kg kettlebell regardless of this heat. I recommend turning off the lights and closing the curtains to reduce the heat and amount of clothing necessary for exercising. Stick a big fan in the window and you’re good to go.

And hello liquid food! Blender, you’re my best buddy. No stove required, ’nuff said. Try some pear and grapefruit in a smoothies, it’s delicious!

But seriously, if you are going to exercise during the summer please, think of the following:
1. Wearing looser, lighter clothing. I’ll never wear loose pants/capris for working out, but shirt for sure. For the pants you can choose a more ‘cottony’ fabric so that your skin can breathe and not get angry.

2. Sunscreen for sunlight. Personally, if I don’t have the option of exercising in-doors or in shade, I wait until the sun starts to go down.

3. WATER. HYDRATION. Can’t stress this enough folks! Dehydration is harmful to your body, and can cause faintness, lethargy, and heat exhaustion. All summer your sweat glands are in extra business, trying to cool the body temperature. All that sweat must be replenished with a fresh supply of water.

4. Find a hat you like. 1 that is dressy, 1 that is more… functional or sporty. I like my wide brimmed black straw hat for the dressy, and my army style cap for the functional/sporty mode.

5. Try the joy of paper umbrellas or parasols. Seriously, they are great if caught outside at an event or if your nature walk looses it’s shady goodness.

I love this heat, but it does slow down my speed of thought… I’m calling it a night.

Ta-ta for now.


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