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Blister and Stink | Koyabell Fitness

An icon should be here...Good morning! And what a good morning it is.

Here I sit, in my school’s computer lab, 30 minutes early for my last class of the summer.

New You Health Transformations has air conditioning… so now that there’s no more school air conditioning for me, I’ll be at New You more for sure! Ha ha… 😉

You may be wondering, “What’s with the grotesque blog title?”.

Well, today I’m going to talk about my blisters and my stinky gloves.

Blisters! I love you. You will turn into very useful callouses, and this time I will not pick and poke. Learned the hard way last time that callouses are your friends.
These blisters sit just below the base of my fingers, 1 on each hand. These bad boys are from yesterday’s Koyabell. Coach Chelsy gave us a workout that involved a 300 swing count up.
I’m proud to say I did it with a 24 kg kettlebell. It took me until the very last minute, but I did it.
I do wear a very nice pair of gloves when I swing bell, but the extra padding sits just below where my blisters are. At least the rest of my hands are soft and blister free?
Like I said, I really don’t mind. Running my fingers over the blisters actually makes me happy. They remind me of all the sweat and energy I put out consistently enought to get the blisters/callouses. Makes me proud.

And now for the stinky part! GLOVES. Anyone with gloves who doesn’t lose them in the first month of using them will know of the stink I speak of. I offer the following tips for managing the stink:

1. When finished working out, take the gloves off so that they turn inside out, but not all the way. The palms should be inside out, but the fingers should stay folded in on themselves (otherwise you will have a heck of a time getting the fingers right side out again).
This lets the gloves dry better, preventing as much bacteria growth (bacteria make the stink).

2. Don’t store them in you gym bag. Gross. The glvoes cannot breath or dry properly. Instead, store them in your bag only once they are dry, or better yet, store them in a mesh outer pocket, like the kind for waterbottles.

3. When you get home from Koyabell, take your damp, half insideout gloves out of your bag and lay them in direct sunlight, or in front of or on a fan. Sunlight kills bacteria, and the fan will dry them out fast enough they won’t have time to develop a stink.

4. I like to wash my gloves every week or 2. I just throw them in a mesh bag and toss them in the washing machine with the rest of my clothes. Do not put them in the dryer. I have, and they were fine, but dryers kill fabric and stitching. These may be high quality gloves, but I don’t want to subject them to the dryer repeatedly. I would estimate the life of the gloves will be cut in half.

Well, that’s all for now folks. Sorry I don’t have any pictures of my blisters. You’ll just have to go make your own to experience the joy. Seriously, joy.

Ta ta for now.

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