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I have an update on stuff and things. Positive stuff.

Even though fell out of the nutrition group due to life, something has stuck with me from the Lean, Cut, & Straight Up Jacked! Nutrition Plan.
For various reasons, my roomie and I have decided to start sharing groceries again, and to make our eating habits more similar. This means I cook and make lunches for the both of us, and do a bit less dishes. Score on that one! While trying to figure out what to make for lunches, I automatically started thinking about protein, fat, starch, and vegetable content and ratios. Yay! I’m so stoked by brain took that approach to food without me looking at a meal plan first. I was curious to see how close my brown-bag lunches were to the meals on this day of the LCSJ Nutrition Plan, and as it turns out, I was bang-on except for the piece of full fat cheese I put into each lunch. Mmmmm, gotta enjoy life a little, especially when stuck at work and such. 😉

The other positive I wish to mention is that after a few weeks of being conscious and careful of body and form, and doing the squat alternative Coach Rish gave me, I am back into ‘the swing of things’. I’m swinging a 24 kg kettlebell again, and doing 5 swings at a time on the 32kg here and there. STOKED! 20kg, you are reserved for high-swings again.
Squats are still a no, most of the time. I’ll try 5-10 but that’s it. And that’s OK because Koyabell is adaptable to the individual doing it!

Classes are going well for me again, now that the mental block is passing. Monday (yesterday) I was wishing for Coach Rish to lead whatever Koyabell class I went to. I got my wish! One coach did the warm-up and first exercise, and then suddenly tagged out with head coach! Sneaky sneaky, surprising us like that! I like those surprises.

Eivi and Bena match!

Eivi and Bena match!

And, another surprise:
I went to Koyabell, and matched with
someone! We both loved it. I blinked
in this picture, but that’s ok.
Matching is fun! Wish I had also
bought the blue version of these pants.

Well, ta-ta for now!

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