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Lean, Cut, & Straight Up Jacked! Nutrition Plan – KO’d in week 5 of round 2… | Koyabell Fitness

An icon should be here...Holy-moley, the last 5 weeks have been intense!

I have learned some stuff for sure, and I will do my best to remember it all and share it with you.


When some unexpected things arose, it turned out I had bitten off more than I could chew… It’s official: I have been unable to complete my second round of the Lean, Cut, & Straight Up Jacked! Nutrition Plan. I don’t feel good about it, especially since I was able to complete it the first time and had wonderful results in strength and esthetics. I feel ashamed of my self, just a little bit. Perhaps it’s not shame… no… it’s embarrassment that I feel. Oooooh that is a feeling that initially stings, and then lingers like a deep bruise. But all is not lost! As long as I learned something and apply my learning in the future, right? RIGHT.

To start, my time management estimations were incorrect. Starting the nutrition plan on the exact same day classes start wasn’t the issue. I did that round 1 and was still successful. It was more so the fact that 3.5 months of class was condensed into 1.5 months for summer.
My time for sleep has been diminished and therefore I do not get enough rest to allow for 15-30 minute morning workouts.
Meal prepping became an issue due to time and mental resources being stretched.
I also attend class for 6 hours a day, sometimes all day in a classroom with no windows. I fall asleep in class cause of this and other factors, and then I get in big trouble. Eating junk-foods helps with this, and I really don’t want my teachers to deny me completion because I’ve slept through too much of a course. They were very clear about this.

My school is a terrible environment for healthy eating. The cafeteria has a limited selection of healthy eats, all of which are extremely over priced. The prices are a definite barrier to access for students in the building.
There are always treats floating around at school too. I never know what I’ll find when I arrive in the mornings. Some things that have greeted me in the mornings include sheets of  Nanaimo bars and date squares, a bucket of two-bite brownies, a large bucket of ice cream, eggo waffles and syrup, trail-mix with M&M’s, packages of Dad’s Oatmeal Cookies, fruit gummy candy, Rice Krispie squares, doughnuts, pizza, Kellogg’s Thincrisps, apple juice boxes… ugh… all that food staring me in the face all day (the school is very small, I can’t get away from it), and the struggle continues for subsequent weeks as the food hangs around, ’cause preservatives keep that crud good forever…

I also have had a couple of odd physical issues. My knees for one. I’m getting better at not aggravating them during exercise. I’m back to doing some of the squats. 🙂
The heels of both hands/palms were bruised, which made burpees and other things impossible for a few days. This has now happened twice, just not as bad the second time. It’s totally about the muscles I’m not engaging properly. Malfunction at the junction!!!
And, I’ve also had a couple headaches here and there. Very odd, for I do not get these often. Likely has to do with the change of season that occurred.
These issues have devastated my mental motivation, and my belief in my self temporarily. This mental block heavily impacted my participation in class and in the LCSJ Nutrition Plan.

Everything during this second round felt super difficult because my mind has not been able to fully commit to my health goals over the last 5 weeks.
Round 1 I was very committed. I had such fortitude! GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP, saying no to a lot of social events, sticking closer to home, avoiding trigger locations like corner stores, and spending more time with friends I’ve made through New You Health Transformations was what really brought me success for round 1.

I just unknowingly bit off more than I could chew this time. Sigh… that’s alright though. Still a good experience.

There are 3 things telling me that this attempt at LCSJ Nutrition Plan has been unsuccessful:

1. I began to lie through omission on my meal trackers. I was not fessing up to exactly what I had been eating whenever I listed “school snacking”.

2. I was not making sleep a priority, despite knowing how key it is to success.

3. This blog and my posts on the LCSJ nutrition group’s Facebook page were becoming a whinny dumping ground of examples of me not going along with the program. That’s not cool, and it certainly doesn’t help me or the other LCSJ Nutrition participants.

In life you really need to learn how to read the signs. That is what I am doing now.
I am still going to follow the plan as best I can for the remaining weeks, but I am not going to pour a lot of energy into it or count my self as a successful participant this time.
Instead, I am going to focus on more constructive and consistent blogging, and on supporting the LCSJ Nutrition participants who are still doing fabulous. This means being more active on the private Facebook, and putting out positivity and encouragement.
I am also going to focus on improving my form and strengthening my legs so that my knees aren’t overcompensating.

I haven’t told anyone this yet. Not the LCSJ group or anyone else at New You Health Transformations.
Definitely feeling sheepish.
I know I must, and I will, carry on and get over it all

I’m definitely going to participate in a different round of the LCSJ Nutrition Plan.
But for now, I’m just going to work on staying balanced for my self, and supportive of others.

It feels good to come clean to my self, and everyone else, but mostly my self. I’m really looking forward to Friday morning Koyabell.
In addition to one of my classmates, my best-friend has also started coming to swing kettlebells! I’m feeling really stoked now. 😀 😀 😀

There is one final thing I wish to share. During round 1 there was a person I found very inspiring and motivating. Round 2, a different person has been unknowingly inspiring and motivating me. Both their names start with an “S”. That is all I will say, aside from thank you for being so solid and awesome. It’s so good to have friendly healthy examples to feed off of.

Well, it’s 2am… I had better do that proper sleep thing I was talking about.
Tomorrow will be a good day because I have made it structured with time for the nutrition plan and all the other things I need to do in the day.

Small victories! Yeah!

Get KOYABELL fit today!