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Lean, Cut, & Straight Up Jacked! Nutrition Plan – Week 4: Very Busy & Strange Sampling | Koyabell Fitness

An icon should be here...My current context: 2 papers to write in 5 days. Oops.
There you have it, that is where I am at and have been at for the last week or 2. Hence no update from me for week 3.

Just like round 1 of Lean, Cut, & Straight Up Jacked!, I feel stressed about time management and disappointed in myself for school snacking. Oh well, nothing to be done. I feel a bit of guilt as well, for if I’m not following the LCSJ Nutrition Plan properly I can’t expect results like last time. Haven’t been keeping up with the morning workouts very well either. My days are full so I take every chance for extra sleep. Even today, when I got home from school I went straight for my bed and just lay there for 20 minutes. I have recently started taking iron supplements again, hopefully this helps.

Sleep! I need more of it. More importantly, I need to go to bed earlier or I will never get these morning workouts in! Argh! I love sleep but it also annoys me. I have things to do!

To cope, I have been sampling strange combinations of things in the cupboard. Pumpkin seeds, jerky, coconut chips, honey, peanut butter, cold coconut oil, ginger, dark chocolate, cheeses.
As I read the list I just wrote I can’t help but laugh.And I must admit, my cheat meals have not been portion sensible, nor have they been the healthiest choices.

I have also been bummed out and discouraged by injury. First the bruising of the heel of my hand, then my knees out of the blue. Weak human flesh vehicle! Over the past 5-6 weeks my knees, mainly my right, have developed a pain. When the pain got to the point where it interfered with Koyabell, and lingered for a long while after working out, I approached Coach Rish about my issue.  We had a one-on-one session and changed the way my feet were pointing when swinging. Instead of pointing outwards I now point them straight forward and take a wider stance. This certainly engages my quadriceps more, and I have no pain when I swing. Squats or any move with a squat in it is almost out of the question. After about 3 my knee yells at me. So now instead I am ‘sitting in a chair’ against the wall.
I went down some stairs today and my right knee clicked with every step of that leg, but at least it didn’t hurt, only strange clickings.
My motivation and faith in my self has been negatively effected by this. But I am aware and not denying it anymore.

At the very least I can say I have been doing 3 Koyabell classes per week without fail.

Well, I’m getting back on the wagon! That’s it. No excuses or rationalizing things like not getting enough sleep. I did this before so I know I can do it again.

Oh, and on a tasty closing note:
I finally found out where you can get sugar free syrups. POPEYE’S SUPPLEMENTS! I went in there on customer appreciation day for a wicked deal on protein powder, and was presented a bag ‘o swag’o. It contained numerous samples and chocolate and pancakes syrups. YAY!

Anyway, my busy self must go do busy person stuff now.

Ta-ta for now! 🙂

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