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Lean, Cut, & Straight Up Jacked! Nutrition Plan – Week 2: Malfunction at the Junction | Koyabell Fitness

An icon should be here...Good morning everyone! And what a nice morning it is. Today is Friday of LCSJ week 2, which means my beloved protein pancakes are back in my life! They are better than ever now that I am using coconut oil to fry ’em up. Om nom nom… there’s a sweet and yummy foodgasm is my mouth! Best breakfast – the only thing that could make it better would be bacon on the side.

I feel a little lame about not posting a blog entry all week. But seriously, between Koyabell, the LCSJ Nutrition Plan, family, and condensed summer courses (3.5 months of work in 1.5) I have had my priorities elsewhere. Not that you aren’t on my priority list somewhere, oh beloved internet entities! I’m here now, so better late than never.

I have also run into a little physical set back this week. My knees and my hand! Ouch! I thought I hurt the hand from improper form or something while doing burpees. Right away I went to Coach Rish for some help. He felt my hand and wrist, moved it in different positions and poked it in various spots. Looks like the culprit for my hand is not improper form, it was a malfunction at the junction I pushed through. I totally know when it happened too! Tuesday morning I was doing some burpees in my room, when all of a sudden I felt I bent my hand every so slightly too much while lowering my body to the ground, and then after thinking “gee, that may get a little sore later”, I just powered on through because I had burpees to finish! Turns out I have bruising on the heel of my hand mostly under the fleshy bit below the thumb. Rish taped me up with some tape offered for sale at New You Health Transformations studio. It’s super nifty and helped a lot! It’s called Skinetex ™, and it comes in every colour of the rainbow. My hand is wrapped in the yellow stuff because that’s what was open as a sample. I like the purple of course. 😉 We learned about this stuff from Canada’s Olympic badminton player. Stays on great, survives a week’s worth of showers at least.

Skinetex5m_yellowhand Skinetex5m_yellow







When I mentioned my knees to Coach Rish, we had a little one on one session. Knee pain is definitely being caused by improper form, and pushing too hard. I’m going to stop swinging the 32 kg for now, and stay at a 20-24kg to work on my form and muscle engagement. It must be done!
When I got my hand and knee issue this week I started thinking in doomsday mode. Worries! So many worries! Such as, am I going to have to stop going to Koyabell? What have my beloved kettlebells done to me??? Argh! Ok. Calm down. 😉 heh heh, I’ll be fine if I give it a little time. My hand does feel better than yesterday, and I will figure this knee stuff out…

Alright, enough about that.
The LCSJ Nutrition Plan is going alright. Some times I think to myself: didn’t this feel easier when I was doing round 1 of LCSJ? At times, I’m sure, and at other times, no, I’m sure. It varies. School work gives me insane food cravings so perhaps that’s why I feel a bit squirelly at times. Also, I have been letting sleep suffer a bit because I have so many things to fit into my day. It’s nuts. I should stop that though. I should close the laptop and the books when I have 8 hours until I need to be awake the next day, instead of pushing on for another 2 hours. Would lessen my munching on salted pumpkin seeds and candied ginger slices. At least I tried to chose the lesser of all evils? Yeah, that’s the ticket… 🙂

Well, homework beckons, and in 2 hours I’m off to Koyabell.

Talk to you later!

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