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LCSJ Nutrition Plan Break: Getting it in while I Can | Koyabell Fitness

An icon should be here... Woohoo! Getting it in while I can! Getting what in? Food. Treats here and there. Sharing food with family and friends. Most of all, taking a break from tracking and planning every meal. Just a nice mental break all around seeing as I’m on break from school until summer semester begins. Already have 1 textbook I can start reading now. 😉

Today I had a really good meeting with some participants from this round of the Lean, Cut, & Straight-Up Jacked! Nutrition Plan (LCSJ).
We shared our experiences and found some common themes around foods, morning exercise, what came easily, and what was challenging. I also advocated for fancy cheat smoothies because I love ‘em!
This feedback will inform future development of LCSJ, and forms the foundation of round 2 for those craving more! Yeah there’s a few of us who are asking “When does the next round start?”, “When?”, “Are we there yet?!”.
Super stoked on this people!

Coach Rish has a plan for all this knowledge us participants have amassed over the last 8 weeks.
Everyone experienced a significant learning curve. This is going to make some aspects of LCSJ round 2 easier, which will allow us to focus energy on more challenging aspects.
For example: today Coach Rish taught me that for every pound of desired body weight, I should eat 1 gram of protein. Now that I can more effectively manage my meal planning and preparation, and now that I am becoming more aware and in tune with my physically active body, I can focus on customizing the plan to my specific needs.

I’ve always thought of myself as very in tune with my body. I know the moment something is off. I have found my active body presents different needs and signals, and even heightens others. Now when I’m tired, the feeling is much more… solid? Does that make sense? Same with my hunger. Now, when my blood sugar drops or if a meal didn’t have enough fat or protein, the hunger is solid and aggressive. This is unlike my passive hunger. Passive hunger is that “OH MY GAWSH I want to eat everything because I can/am bored/am sleepy/am too lazy to cook a real meal”, you get the idea. It’s still an aggressive hunger, but it wants everything instead of targeting particular foods like my active hunger does.

Today I had a friend from school come for an intro workshop class! FUN! So cool having them there. I found that because I have a relationship with them that is non-fitness oriented, the energy and engagement from that relationship totally transferred to the workout. At least for me it did – I can only speak for myself. So stoked to have a friend to be a hot sweaty mess with.

And yes, I know I promised to post pictures for you. The photographer still has them, so I bugged the staff at New You Health Transformations about it. I’m hoping to have those pictures for my next blog post.

Well, it’s a beautiful day so I’m going to go enjoy it some more. Maybe make a fancy fruit smoothie.

Ta-ta for now! 😀

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