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Lean, Cut, & Straight Up Jacked! – Week 8: PLAN COMPLETE! RESULTS! | Koyabell Fitness

An icon should be here...Alright, so I’ve been procrastinating on posting for a whole week now. I’m sorry. Let’s get right into  it then.

The 8 weeks of the Lean, Cut, & Straight Up Jacked Nutrition Plan have come to a close. Pretty  cool that I stuck with something like that for 8 whole weeks. Well, I’d say more like 7…

Week 8 was a write-off. That’s right, I’m fessin’ up. I call it ‘The Easter Downfall’. After the honey glazed spiral ham everything fell apart for me! I already knew Easter Sunday would be a day of gluttony, but the free food theme continued at school, practicum, and in my personal time. I ended up feeling like there was no point in even trying, so I didn’t. Not proud of that but hey, there was another factor too.

SCHOOL. Final papers and exams means I NEED TO EAT. My education comes before my personal health. That sounds bad, and looks worse now that I’ve written it out, but that is truly how I feel. Muscle and fat come and go, but I have one shot at school so I had better make the best of it.

Anyway, despite my Easter downfall, and despite probably going a bit overboard on my cheat days throughout the nutrition plan, I have some results to share which make me very happy. I was going to post a picture of my measurement tracker, but I keep getting an upload error message so I’ll just tell you instead. All measurements are in inches.

February 15th, 2015                                     April 12th, 2015

Neck: 12 3/4                                                       Neck: 12
Shoulder: 43                                                       Shoulder: 40
Chest: 38                                                             Chest: 35
Waist: 36                                                             Waist: 31
Hip: 43                                                                 Hip: 38
Glutes: 46                                                            Glutes: 43 1/2
Thigh-R: 24                                                        Thigh-R: 23 1/2
Calve-R: 16.5                                                      Calve-R: 15
Right Bic: 13.5                                                    Right Bic: 11 3/4
Skinfold: 4.5                                                        Skinfold: 2.5
Body Fat: 36                                                       Body Fat: 19
Weight: 175.3                                                      Weight: 176.8

I am pleased. I lost 5 inches off my waist and my hips. I also lost 2 inches off the dreaded tummy fold. My overall weight actually increased, so I just converted from winter storage to lean muscle mass. THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD NOT USE A SCALE ALONE. IT IS THE DEVIL.

I am holding off on posting pictures because I had a bunch taken at the New You Transformation Center. Once I receive them I will post before and after pictures.

I want to thank and congratulate all participants in this round of the Lean, Cut, & Straight Up Jacked! Nutrition Plan. We all worked so hard to stay on track! And there was such a consistent level of support and participation and sharing. It was really great, 🙂 and still is since many of us are interested in a second round after a couple weeks off.

A big thank you to Coach Rish for putting this nutrition plan together in addition to his fantastic Koyabell classes. Oh and the yummy shakes and desserts you came up with, I like those, thank you for those…

And a big thank you to all the coaches at New You Health Transformations. You are my energy and drive when I have none. Thank you for all your motivation and support.

I was at my previous gym for 1 year, and did not see results like this, or have as much fun while on my journey.

I’ll continue to blog, but it won’t be about the nutrition plan for a couple weeks. I’ll find other stuff to talk about. 🙂

Bye for now!

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