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Lean, Cut, & Straight Up Jacked! – Week 6: Free Food… the Ultimate Weakness | Koyabell Fitness

An icon should be here...Feeling grumpy cause I’ve had to attend meetings and such with yummy foods offered, which I  must resist. Also feeling a bit resentful at the world for making junk foods so accessible and  expected. Doughnuts man…
I struggle when there is a giant table of free food, especially when being told to eat more and take some home if I want. Remember being a child and always told to finish what was on your plate? That sticks. Perhaps it can become a complex. 😛

Was feeling very tired a few days ago. Coach Rish recommended adding Udo’s Oil to any protein shake for a boost. It has helped, I think.

Also binged a bit last Saturday because that day’s meals were all of the cheat variety, and there was a family dinner, which included banana spice ring… worth it. 🙂
Felt good to enjoy the ritual of food and feast with my family, it’s been a busy and disciplined while.

I really have nothing to say at the moment. I feel like I’m on auto pilot, waiting for April 10th when the semester will be over.


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