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Lean, Cut, & Straight Up Jacked! – Week 4, Day 30: Resentment, Aggroness… & Then It Went Away… | Koyabell Fitness

An icon should be here...Well. What a week. A few times during this week I was feeling sick of the nutrition plan. In fact, I  was downright resenting it. I wasn’t overly craving anything, just sick of salads and chicken, plus  the “crepes” I made with the recipe I was given were horrid. They were an afront to crepes  everywhere. We’ll have to tweak that recipe, or I’ll be asking if I can just have the pancakes instead. So far that is the only recipe I do not like.
Also, went to a Social Work conference that had catering I really wanted to eat, so I was pretty pissed off. Ugh.

Two positive things though:
1. Today marks day 30 of the Lean, Cut, & Straight Up Jacked Nutrition Plan. That makes 1 month of true lifestyle change. I say true lifestyle change because you can’t out train a bad diet, as Coach Rish Koya says. Lifestyle means holistic – all aspects.
2. The Friday the 13th Koyabell class was not full so I was able to get some extra attention from Coach Chelsy. I tried swinging the 32 kg bell that she swings. The first try I did 3 swings. The second try I managed to get 10 swings in. Woohoo! That’s pretty awesome because I started Koyabell swinging a 12 kg. Not too shabby.

I’m feeling better about the plan again, now that it’s Saturday night and I’ve had a generous helping of cheat foods…
Mmm… 4 Fibre 1 brownies. So tasty.

Oh! And I almost forgot. The day with fewer students when I swung the 32 kg kettlebell, I was able to use a wide range of kettlebells for my workout. I grew a kettlebell garden. It is pretty. The 32 kg kettle bell is sitting on the fresh looking green.

Kettlebell Garden

I grew a kettlebell garden with my sweat.

Halfway point selfies in 2 days…

Ta-ta for now.

Eivi in her kettlebell garden

Just laying in my garden.

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