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Lean, Cut, & Straight Up Jacked! – Week 3, Day 16 | Koyabell Fitness

An icon should be here...Week 3, almost half way. Crazyness!

As awesome as that is, some negativity snuck in yesterday.

I was having a mental fail day. I had to have a piece of candy to get through a meeting at practicum because I was  literally nodding off. Little faeries were sitting on my eye lids or something. Good thing I was keeping an emergency caramel. This giving in made me feel like I betrayed my self and the rest of the group doing their Lean Cut & Straight Up Jacked Nutrition Program.
Then it was Monday selfie time. Despite the compliments I received on Friday and a positive comment from Coach Rish Koya on my progress at koyabell class that evening, I felt like a lumpy flesh bag of blergh.

The mind is  a powerful thing that can distort what you see and send you on some Hunter S. Thompson wacked-out emotional spiral to who knows where. No exaggeration. I also no longer use my scale at home. So very rarely. I weigh my self at the New You Transformation Center when the coaches tell me to. It’s a lot better for your mental health if you have issues along those lines, like I do.

Coach Rish reassured me that everything’s ok and that I’m doing just fine. He recommended I keep one of those Evolv Fix drink powder packet thingys on me for the next time I need a boost.
I’ve found half a packet at a time is just fine, and that they are very good to drink as I sit down to do research or writing. My brain runs on sugar.

Not posting that selfie on here. I’m thinking a 4 week half way selfie may be a good idea though. Put it all out there!

Have a nice day. 🙂

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