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Lean, Cut, & Straight Up Jacked! – Day 10: Excellent. | Koyabell Fitness

An icon should be here... Today was a nice change of pace. The later start to the day allowed me to complete my morning workout routine  without any time pressures, and I was able to do a morning Koyabell class in New Westminster, instead of my  usual evening class.

I killed those kettlebells this morning! I have found that the second workout of the day feels a lot easier and more  enjoyable than the first, every time. I got a nice compliment from the coach about my energy. If only every day could be that way, but alas daytime obligations have me stuck with evening classes. Grrr… I really wish I had the time for 2 Koyabell classes in a day. Whenever I manage to squeeze those doubles in I feel great. After today’s home and studio workout I felt exceedingly good and happy, and tried really hard to carry that through the rest of my day.

Today was a very difficult day once I arrived at my place of practicum. There is a bi-weekly community dinner for which staff (me) and a volunteer will make a dinner of the volunteer’s choosing for 12 people and their children. The volunteer chose to make a ham and 2 cheese alfredo pasta with cheesy garlic bread. HAM AND ALFREDO ARE 2 OF MY FAVOURITES. Never before have my eyes beheld such amounts of alfredo and cheesy bread in my life. I was freaking out, but I did have my protein coffee. 5 of those noodles made it into my mouth, as did a piece of mozzarella cheese and a piece of raw mushroom. And of course, it had to be someone’s birthday. I’m just lucky the person didn’t request the usual ice cream cake. They requested a fruit and cream cake. So I had a table spoon full of whipped cream. BUT THAT’S IT. IMPRESSIVE CONTROL! Yeah it could be better, but, that is some extreme improvement from the girl who can eat 2 jumbo chocolate bars in 15 minutes or less, and then starts in on the handful of penny candy from the corner store. I still feel like a little bit of a failure on the inside for giving in. Oh well, nothing to be done about it except to try and be better next time.

Still having time management issues. Or maybe I’m not. Maybe I’m managing just fine but just have anxiety about how busy I am as of late. I’m just going to keep going day by day as best as I can.

I discovered a positive and a negative thing this week.

Positive thing:
PROTEIN COFFEE!!! MMM YUMMY SO GOOD! I made my late afternoon protein shake and let it sit for a bit, until the chunks went away and what was left was a sweet yummy vanilla drink. I added some coffee because the pot was just sitting there all fresh and steamy. I now want this for every shake. 😛 I bet with chocolate protein powder the concoction is like a mocha. Mmmmmm… protein mocha….

Negative thing:
When doing burpees the length of your toenails is significant.
Too long and you could split or chip the nail little, and it will bleed. Had to clean up a little blood after working out. Bad ass.
Too short and they will give you a whole different kind of pain/discomfort.

Get KOYABELL fit today!