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Lean, Cut, & Straight Up Jacked! – Day 7: What to Cheat With? | Koyabell Fitness

An icon should be here...Wow. Day 7. I did not think I could last this long without handfuls of sugar. A real accomplishment for myself!

I would like to explain why I waited until Sunday (day 7) to post again.

Without massive amounts of carbohydrates, I cannot function at night like I did during the day. I am a full time student, so I have a lot of studying and WRITING to do. I do most my writing at night for some reason… just feels right. What this 7 days of reduced carbs has made me acutely aware of is my use of sugar as a crutch/substitute for sleep and time management. I love to sit down for a few hours in front of my computer, researching and writing papers, with munchies. I get all buzzed on sugar and away I go. Trying to write without my carbs is difficult. Took my 5 days to adjust to that one. Also, with low carbs, when I reach the end of my day, say 7pm, I can’t seem to focus on writing very well and all I want to do is go sleep or vegetate. So now it is Sunday and I have a paper due Monday at 9am. I can finish it, no problem, but with sugar I would have finished it a couple days ago. No more I say! I can do this!

On a lighter note, food tastes better now. Everything has more flavour and previously un-sweet things are now sweet, such as green beans. This is a very good thing! 😛 I have now leaned to drink coffee without sugar, just cream. What a novel idea.

I only did Koyabell 3 times this week, because my energy was low and my time is occupied. The last Koyabell workout I did I found difficult. My endurance was at about half of my normal, and I found it difficult to mentally push myself during the workout. I also took a nap on day 4 after breakfast, and same with day 5. The low carb week has forced me to listen to my body because my body says NO very firmly without it’s sugar crutch.

Now that it is day 7 and I have earned a sensibly portioned cheat meal at the end of the day, I have no idea what to eat for it!
It’s causing me a little bit of anxiety. I beat the sugar demon for 7 days, do I really want to put something sugary into my mouth after all that? I’m going to rule out penny candy from the corner store… and coconut chocolate bars. 🙁 Perhaps I will wander the grocery store, with either a vacant look or a squirrely look on my face. Suggestions? I would appreciate them.

Thoughts and happenings from end of the week:

Oh, and, forgive me for I have “sinned”. Well almost… I didn’t want to say but I think saying it is a part of remaining accountable. Mid week I totally put a tortilla chip in my mouth, chewed it up and spat it out. I also put semi-flavoured water in my mouth and spat it out. Moments of weakness happen, but that’s ok! How soon we become aware and take action is what counts. I did not ingest those substances! Not really. The incredible sense of guilt that washed over me when I did those things was crushing. I still haven’t told anyone, they can all find out by reading this blog entry. *Hangs head in shame*

My roomie cooked perogies in butter, ate chips, ice cream, tacos, and ordered Indian cuisine. My supervisor repeatedly offered me chips which I refused, though I did accept a small piece of steak and garlic. It’s really difficult to stay strong at times, other times it’s very easy. The ice cream didn’t bother me so much, but the Indian food was killer. I suggest everyone learn the joys of aroma therapy. I also found having someone describe the oral experience of their devilish treats to be of assistance. A description, plus smell, and closing of the eyes, it was almost like I was eating it.

Alright, I have to go do some academic writing now. Next blog post is  a selfie post.

Talk at you later!

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