Are you ready for your Koyabell transformation?

What kind of benefits and results can you expect from our program?

Lose Fat Fast

You don’t just lose fat, you obliterate it. Our program is set up to help you lose that unhealthy, disease causing fat, and keep it off.

Build Lean Muscle

 Powerful look awesome in anything, super sexy lean muscle.

Crazy Hard Core

You won’t just have a flat stomach, you will have a very strong one. Banish back pain once and for all and have everyday safer movement.

Non-Stop Cardio

Have the conditioning of mixed martial artists. Seriously, your heart will love you for this.

Super Strength

Unleash your inner superhero. You don’t have a choice. Our program builds real and measurable strength at an alarming rate.


It’s automatic. Your new look, the extra energy you will have, and the way you feel will radiate off of you. Perform better in all aspects of your life.

How to get started with Koyabell

Step 1

Register for a Koyabell Intro

 – Learn the foundation movements we use in class

Step 2

Choose your class times

– Choose a time or times that work best with your schedule

Step 3

Regularly attend classes

– See and feel results. Look awesome!

Real Results. Real People!

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Koyabell Introductory Class

$ 25

Per Class
  • Initial fitness assessment
  • Learn the key kettlebell and bodyweight movements
  • Meet the Koyabell team!

Koyabell Group Classes

$ 149

Per Month
  • Coach led classes. It’s like having a personal trainer!
  • 1 hour / 3 times a week
  • Full body transformation

PEMF Cell Health Therapy

$ 60

One Hour Session
  • Perform at a higher level
  • Heal and recover faster
  • Accelerated fat loss

Koyabell One on One Training

$60 to $100 per one hour session depending on how many sessions booked. $200 an hour with Head Coach Rish

Koyabell Custom Meal Plan

Nutrition simplified and customised for your specific needs. Know what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat it. $30 a month.